Mattijs M. van Katwijk

“If you have built castles in the air, your work need not be lost; that is where they should be. Now put the foundations under them.”
– H.D. Thoreau

Ever since my teens I have been inspired by the practical wisdom of oriental philosophy – mainly Daoism. Following my intellectual education my development deepened considerably when I started training practices of health and martial arts. Since then I integrate methods of energy management and personal development in clear and functional contemporary context. On top of 20+ years of study and training, my academic and artistic education and a broad cultural interest provide a rich source of inspiration behind my work and practice.

With MENG Elementary work I inspire executives en teams to reconnect. To let them feel the ground under their feet and connect with their spine. Let their blood flow and breath. Recognize the being behind the doing.
It is my great pleasure to see one’s human presence appear and shine through his functional shell.

It is my mission to improve the quality of attention of the individuals, the teams and organisations that stand out to make a difference. To improve the internal condition from which they operate in order for them to align with that which really has meaning and value. To direct with integrity. With this in mind I mobilise people physically and mentally: imaginative, down-to-earth and interactively.

The Dutch Ministery of Foreign Affairs, Vervoersregio Amsterdam, the Police Netherlands, the International Criminal Court, European Patent Office and EY Netherlands were inspired by me. I am associated with several agencies amongst which Twijnstra Gudde, Ardis and Bon Courage.

Besides I am director of Studio MENG in the Hague, where I teach and organize seminars in Yang Shen Fa (healthy living) and personal development. I practice Qi Gong, Taiji quan and natural horsemenship. Moreover, after all books and movies and training, I pick up my pencils and draw some.



  • “I feel a lot more calm, focused and present in the moment. I also feel better equipped  to deal with other peoples’ stress and insecurities, especially colleagues’.”
    – Felicia Melander; International Criminal Court, The Hague
  • “The workshop Taiji that Mattijs offered our team wasn’t only fun, but left us with practical tips of how to work in an effective and energetic way.”
    – S. van der Drift; Ernst & Young Netherlands
  • “Mattijs finished serene, leaving the participants relaxed and full of good mood, ready to start the evening program”
    – S. Heijblom; management of the VMT and LZK3 schools
  • “The way Mattijs teaches, I am getting to understand more about the way these three bodies interact – and why it is key to make decisions from the underlying connection of these different layers of consciousness. The Dao offers me calm, rooting and a profound connectedness. I have a lot to learn still.”
    – Sanne Carrière; Directie – Aqua Assistance BV

Foto by Sarah – misses Prins – van der Toorn