Kick off/Pitstop/Pilot
Kick off/Pitstop/Pilot

A short kickstart or energizer to optimise the working climate. We pull our heads from the cloud and firmly put our feet down. Together we return to the here-and-now, open optimal flow and align with a clear intention.

Are you interested but would you first like to experience how MENG Elementair werk could benefit your organisation? We offer the possibility of experiencing a Pilot training at an interesting price.

Live/online // 1/2 – 2 hours // 10-200 participants

Work in Progress
Work in Progress

In eight weeks you and your team will establish a sound experience of an efficient psycho-somatic balance and get a clear understanding of its importance for your work. In week 2 and 7 you will address a personal development question with a small peergroup and the trainer.

Online // 8 x 1 hour (of which 2 x 1 hour individual sessions) // 10-30 participants

Vigor, Process and Vision
Vigor, Process and Vision

A comprehensive understanding on the functioning of one’s Vitality, Connection and Vision in organisations. This training offers participants in-depth experience of their own well-being and inspires them to navigate optimally amidst the turbulence of work and life.
This training is lavishly completed with theory and illustrated with movie images.

Day 1
Vigor – The importance of health, safety and trust (in our potential)
Day 2
Effortlessness –  The efficiency of integrity
Day 3
Vitality and connection – Why we exhaust ourselves and whether that serves the organisation
Day 4
– Optimising five motivations
Day 5
And vision? – Reinventing the wheel


Live training // 5 day parts // 10-30 participants

Fit for work
Fit for work

Regular practice offers the key to a better health and a clear mind. Excellent morale and decreasing sick leave benefit teams and organisations. Participating in things as elementary as moving and breathing progresses solidarity and team spirit.
A 3/4 hours session fortnightly is just an example of the possibilities.

Online // 30 minutes to 1 hour training // 10-200 participants

Single Session Training
Single Session Training

Offer your people a Single session, online training for individual employees.
Depending on their particular questions, this session will offer an effective opportunity to get themselves back on track, to recalibrate themselves.
Sometimes it will suffice to have an honest conversation that goes beyond the general office vocabulary. Oftentimes I offer little tips, tricks or indeed practical exercises that help establishing a key anchor of self esteem and gusto.

The organisation will put together a package deal that may be offered to all or just particular employees.


Online // 1 hour // 1 person

Leadership track
Leadership track

In these times that we are fast losing our connection with nature and the elements, we can make a difference by getting to know her powers. Distanced from the conditioned world, in nature the mechanisms of leadership surface clearly.

We offer a several days track in nature, supported by physical exercise and mental practice. We may enhance this experience with intense encounters with either raptors or horses, each of which – in their own mysterious ways – serve as impressive mirrors to our leadership and our very being.

Live training (Netherlands/Spain) // 2 – 5 days //5 – 12 participants