Personal training

Fit for your agenda

Are you looking for a breather in your continuously supercharged performance? Can you step up to the higher ground at will, when your operation is functioning at full speed?

Leaders generally perform under great stress. But more complete leaders know their work will be sustainable and of more value when they take the conscious route. They integrate a comprehensive and embodied approach to health and vision in their performance.


The gym or your general practitioner may not provide an instructor or sparring partner on a physical and psychological level. Get tailor-made tools for optimising your psycho-somatic condition in one or two individual sessions. Or let us agree on a longer trajectory in order to integrate the desired qualities deeper into your system.

• Are you looking for an integrated approach to health and wellbeing matched to your professional goals?
• Are you looking for a better balance between work and private life?
• Are you looking for a personal work-out that focusses on integrating mind and body?
• Are you looking for emotional stability or better sleep?

Tailormade training in Studio MENG (Zeehelden quarter in Den Haag), online or possibly at your home.

// Personal training for professionals. // €120/uur



  • Sleep and general health
  • Confidence, posture and presentation
  • Focus, concentration
  • Purpose and intention
  • Emotional equanimity