What is our busniness to benefit from this training?

MENG Elementary work specifically addresses the management of energy; power. And in order to deal with that power responsibly, martial arts are part of the training. Competition in business is performed without the required martial principles. Elementary work offers insight in the optimal and sustainable functioning of individuals and teams on the bigger battlefield.


Does Taiji have anything to do with it?

Yes. Taiji, represented by the Yin-Yang symbol, is the underlying principle of all Daoist arts. Taiji Chuan, or shadow boxing, Is one of the disciplines that consitute the Daoist training. Learning these complex series of movements takes long-term commitment. We offer an attractive alternative for exploring the principles of Taiji.

How to see this training in the field of Mindfulness, Body-Mind, Yin Yang Yoga...?

There are many practices around that are based on Oriental traditions and that are often mixed with Western influences. This training is modernized all the same. But its inspiration in nature has not changed over the centuries.
THis training is certainly not about training willpower by challenging your body to find its limits with difficult postures. ao training is first about learning how to feel. It is about allowing yourself to actually connect with yourself, in order to see things as they are. Then, your body develops its innate power to recover and heal itself. In that way the spirit of respect and gratitude is developed.
The way this relates to other practices is best experienced in person. You are welcome to try out!

I am physically limited – could I still join?

Yes. The practice can be enjoyed by anyone – pregnant, blind, Parkinson…  Please do inform the trainer in advance, in order for him to adjust the exercise to your specific situation.