“Leadership is the capacity to shift the inner place from which we operate”
O. Scharmer

Nowadays we are always online. Our senses are continuously challenged and our agendas are popping, resulting in stress, numbness or even lethargy. This increasingly makes us react from old patterns and strategies, limiting our functioning and our capacity for cooperation and personal development.

Optimising your personal condition you may arrive at a sustainably healthy and satisfying life, at work ánd at home. MENG Elementary work teaches how to be more efficient, both mentally and physically, so that you may  apply your energy to your aspirations. Clear in your head, emotionally balanced and steadily embodied, Elementary work advances your core conditions.


MENG (䷃) is the fourth hexagram in the I Tjing – the Book of Changes – and denotes Youthful Folly.

“ This is the hexagram of the inexperienced, of education and learning process. … The essence of this hexagram is that the layman, presented in these texts, ought to be conscious of his ignorance.”

– Han Boering – (I Tjing voor de 21ste eeuw)