Young pro or high potential?

“It is necessary to develop a strategy
that utilizes all the physical conditions
and elements that are directly at hand.
Morihei Ueshiba

Are you that hard working manager that achieves his targets? Or are you a curious pioneer with leadership skills who knows how to stand out between many capable professionals? Are you working from intuition, deeply rooted in your confidence and thus naturally radiating your balanced presence?
MENG Elementair werk offers practices to function efficiently amidst the turbulence of work and private life. Based on the principles of oriental martial arts, this training will teach you how to effectively deal with outer and inner pressure and conflict. Mental training strengthens your directing capacities. Breathing- and bodily techniques help you stay centered and make you work form your core.
This training generates alertness and stability, in order for you to act wisely and at the right moment.

• Steady energy
• Courage and initiative
• Optimum personal presence and charisma
• Self confidence and composure
• Decisiveness
• Perseverance

// 5-50 participants. Price from €150/hr. //

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“I-in-now – the invisible origin of your real presence and power”
Otto Scharmer
Authentic authority
Leadership is realised at the crossroads of paradoxes: trust and control, result and principle, supply and demand. Finding our way amidst many, seemingly conflicting forces requires a clear inner compass. When we are heading in the right direction this hub nourishes and strengthens us. But we often loose the ability to properly play all forces – leaving us tired, restless and off balance.
A precise calibration to our deepest truth liberates our creative potential. It gives us the capacity to direct our professional course in accordance with our personal values. In the MENG Executive Program we align with that intersection of forces from which authentic authority is generated.
•    Clear vision and acumen
•    Steady energy and alertness
•    Flexibility and decisiveness
•    Optimal personal posture and charisma
•    Intuitive communication
•    Creativity

// Price on demand. //

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