Vision MENG

MENG (䷃) is the fourth hexagram from the Yijing and represents Youth’s folly.

“This is the hexagram of inexperience, upbringing and learning…
Essence of the hexagram is that the ignorant, represented in these texts, must be aware of his ignorance.”
– Han Boering (“I Ching for the 21st century”)

The Chinese character Wang (王) represents the king, the greatest leader. The horizontal stripes represent Heaven, Man and Earth. The vertical stripe is he who connects them.

The name and logo of MENG Elementary work centrally depict a hexagram from the great Book of Changes: the Yijing. Each hexagram is made up of a combination of six yin or yang lines and all the hexagrams together form an overview and guide to navigating reality.

A primary concept in understanding reality is the trinity:

Heaven – Man – Earth

This trinity can of course also be recognised in man himself (as above so below):

In man, Heaven can be identified in his head (thinking, vision).
His Humanity is in his heart (feeling, connection).
His Earth is in his belly (nourishment, vitality, intention).

Head – Heart – Belly

The idea of the fully realised human, the archetypal king is that he guards the harmony of Heaven, Earth and Humans (see image 王).

This realised human serves as a model, a pole star for our everyday leadership: to serve Heaven, Man and Earth by guarding the harmony of our thinking, feeling and doing.

MENG Elementary work inspires and supports you in the learning process towards that alignment.

Clear your head, calm your heart and get firmly into your body.
This will improve your core fitness and allow you to function more efficiently.

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