Elementary work

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MENG Elementary work addresses optimal intrinsic presence
as the bedrock of your professional practice


Clarify and stabilise your mind

Leadership unfolds at the crossroads of paradox. Finding your way amongst many, seemingly opposing forces requires a clear inner compass. Its stillness leads to a creative and honorable course that both nourishes and connects.


Operate optimally amidst the turbulence of work and private life

The only constant in life is change. Delicate tuning to her dynamics creates better results. This concerns the conscious relationship to your work, your surroundings and to others. And your connection with the instrument that enables all interaction: your body.


Trust your unique powers and be energised

Any company’s greatest resource is man. And man’s greatest resource is his vitality. Deep personal confidence offers ground for his resilience. High-value lifestyle and sustainable maintenance are no luxury, they are vital.

Would you like to be perceptive, agile and resilient?

Proper action requires a keen sense of observation, clear discernment and the ability to accurately serve the specific demands of the moment. Through optimising body and mind, Elementary work offers concrete access to the creative undercurrent that is essential to leaders and changemakers.


In company

Elementair werk offers experiential lectures and workshops that inspire and that match the issues of your organisation. Also, from a regular inspirational training to an intens development process, we would love to explore what more elaborate program might suit you.


Often coined the ‘physical dimension of leadership’, Elementary work has participants engage in any given process in both body and mind. Alliances may vary from straightforward thematic cooperation to in-depth collaboration in the creation process.de totstandkoming van het beoogde traject.


For personal assistance in the field of well-being, empowerment and use-of-self for trainers, educators, leaders and coaches. Practical, flexible and taking into account both body and mind. One-on-one or in leadership course with a select group of participants on location.

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