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Internal power of leadership

Leading – with heart for your own wellbeing, business and the world?

Yes. Integrity works, also in business.

You can work – and live – better when you improve the connection between mind and body.

Many of the most successful people experience a lack of connection.
Too much ‘in the head’ they lose connection with themselves, others, work or the bigger picture.

Strengthening the coherence of mind and body directly affects our experience of the world – and our actions in it! Embodied leadership is the missing link for inspired, honest and sustainable leadership.

I help you explore and improve your physical and mental organisation.

Elementary work is about developing your inner fitness so that you are stronger in turbulent times.

Standing stronger in turbulent times?

Times of great change make acute demands on our constitution. For fear of losing our certainties, we quickly cling even more firmly to old patterns and strategies.

But that ultimately makes us weaker.

If you want to deal more wisely with the uncertainties of the world, you need to observe where you freeze and where you start moving. You need to turn your attention inwards, clean up your organisation and step out again.

When you increase your connection with your body, you activate a primary intelligence that not only drives your vitality, but also guides your feelings, thoughts and actions. Which reconnects you with your people, your work and the world.

Is that a quick fix? Yes and no.

Of course you respond better, when you know on the spot how to release tension!
In addition, you invest in the long term. You invest in the conditions that determine the outcomes of what you do.

You develop the inner strength of leadership.

Hello, I am Mattijs van Katwijk, owner of Elementary work

Since 2015, I have been training people like you to harness the intelligence of their head, heart and body in the workplace. At that time, I had been teaching Neigong for more than 10 years and the desire arose to increase the impact of my work by training the executives of large organisations.

My belief was that the world had much to gain if its leaders governed not just from the world of ideas (and a priority on monetary gain), but more in connection with physical reality. Back then, I was pretty much the only one teaching ’embodied leadership’ in companies.

Since then, a lot has changed very quickly. The ‘green transition’ is taking explosive shape and in companies, mental and physical well-being is officially on the agendas. Ethics are finding their way into boardrooms.

Meanwhile, I have significantly optimised my expertise for organisations. With clients like the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Police Netherlands and housing association Portaal, Elementary work has gained a strong professional foothold.

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In company

Does your organization want to honor the complete intelligence of its people?

Elemental Work offers training focused on integrating mind and body to promote full potential. An engaging weekly class online or a customized program for management? We are happy to carefully coordinate how we can best help your organization.


Do you want to stand firm and flexible in the connection with your work, your colleagues or your own life?

Personal coaching on use-of-self for trainers, managers and coaches. Elementary work helps you improve your internal condition to function more adequately and from effortlessness.

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