Elementary work

“Leadership is the capacity to shift the inner place from which we operate.” – Otto Scharmer (Theory U)

What’s at stake?

The last few decades have made it painfully clear that the old model of working towards unbridled growth is unsustainable. People worldwide have clearly expressed that they are encountering the limits of their resilience. And the earth itself seems to be reaching the limits of its homeostasis.

The loss of a balanced relationship between humanity and the source of its prosperity seems directly mirrored in humans themselves: the breathtaking opportunities offered by technology leave many deadened, confused and exhausted.

Who we are and what we do reflects in the larger structures in which we operate. Our internal condition therefore matters not only for our personal functioning, but for the organisations in which we work. And for the world in which we live.

What’s to gain?

Elementary work helps you develop the integrity of thinking, feeling and doing so that you may use your energy authentically and efficiently.

  • You will get a sharp insight into what feeds you and where energy is leaking. This allows you to make targeted choices and stay healthy in the long term.
  • You will become more aware of what drives you. Your moral compass works better.
  • You will be less carried away by the fluctuations of your emotions. You focus more consciously on fulfilling tasks and relationships.
  • You gain a broader perspective that makes you less likely to be judgmental. Your discernment increases, but with a larger overview, you have less need to entrench yourself on one side or the other of an argument.
  • You unlock your creative energy. As a result, you become freer in your choices.
  • You become resilient! You can manage your energy better.
  • More fully present you can relate better. With people, things and issues. Feeling more at ease, the world is less of a threat and more of an interesting challenge.

Elementary work could suit you or your organisation well if …

  • Your well-being, and that of your employees, is a priority. You know that people are the heart of an organisation. And the better those people feel, the better the organisation functions.
  • You need depth but are averse to vagueness. You are open to new ideas but value proven methods. You recognise that there are worlds you have no idea about, but don’t fancy spiritual chatter. Results may show themselves in unexpected ways.
  • The idea of deeper layers of intelligence appeals to you. You know that our logical brain can only grasp a fraction of reality. Both in ‘the high’ and in depth, there is much more to be found. And even more than intelligence, you are interested in wisdom.
  • Action means more to you than words. Are you willing to get moving yourself? To become still and observe? You believe in the value of experience and have the guts to take it on.
  • Besides achievements, you value qualities as well. In the short term, qualities do not necessarily lead to performance. Rather, they are the blueprint from which development is generated. Investing in qualities means investing in the bottom line.

A quick practice for realigning yourself with the here and now.
-> Commit yourself to the full four minutes of this exercise in order to gain most benefit from it. <-

Employability of Elementary work

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“I feel a lot more calm, focused and present in the moment.
I also feel better equipped to deal with other peoples’ stress and insecurities, especially colleagues’. ”
Felicia Melander; International Criminal Court, The Hague

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