Your professional capacities are evident. But you know there is more to you. You know there is a deeper layer inside you that you have effectively put on hold just to get where you are now. That there is a taste, a color to life – and perhaps even work – that falls just outside of your present spectrum.

The gym, psychologist, nor your general practitioner offer instruction or a sparring partner on both physical ánd mental level. And when boxing class is too shallow and yoga too vague, you might still wish to engage in a no-nonsense holistic approach to you as a whole. You may be looking for a training that is catered to optimising your individual psycho-somatic condition.

One-on-one training
Discuss your wishes for an individual practice. Re-orient yourself in one or two sessions or integrate specific qualities in your core through a longer trajectory. Online or live in Studio MENG in The Hague.

Support in the field of

  • Physical and mental condition in the broadest sense of the word
  • Posture and presentation
  • Meaning
  • Emotional balance
  • Self esteem and confidence

MANKRACHT – Dao of Man
Are you curious about the motivation behind the mechanic routine that typically drags you through the day? Are you prepared to let go of your story and to realign with your mind and body? Step into a profound trajectory for personal development with a select group of men. In five weekend you will discover the drivers that motivate your actions and optimise your inner condition. Read more about this unique course for leaders, warriors and creatives.

Rebird / Elementary work
Personal leadership is not a technical skill nor a matter of knowledge. It is about who you are as a leader. The greater the difference between who you are and what you do, the more tension and resistance you and others will have to deal with. Birds of prey will expose this disparity inexorably.
In collaboration with Fares Boustanji of Rebird we offer a workshop in which the truth of your personal leadership will manifest clearly and in which you will be offered tools for working on these qualities. Get in contact to stay informed about our programs.

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