Your professional capacities are evident. But you know there is more to you. You know there is a deeper layer inside you that you have effectively put on hold just to get where you are now. That there is a taste, a color to life – and perhaps even work – that falls just outside of your present spectrum.

The gym, psychologist, nor your general practitioner offer instruction or a sparring partner on both physical ánd mental level. And when boxing class is too shallow and yoga too vague, you might still wish to engage in a no-nonsense holistic approach to you as a whole. You may be looking for a training that is catered to optimising your individual psycho-somatic condition.

One-on-one training
Discuss your wishes for an individual practice. Re-orient yourself in one or two sessions or integrate specific qualities in your core through a longer trajectory. Online or live in Studio MENG in The Hague.

Support in the field of

  • Physical and mental condition in the broadest sense of the word
  • Posture and presentation
  • Meaning
  • Emotional balance
  • Self esteem and confidence

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