“The time to repair the roof is when the sun is shining.” — John F. Kennedy

You’re good at what you do

… But how are you? You know ‘there’s more to you’. You know there is a deeper layer within you that you have effectively been parking, precisely to get where you are now.

Looking for a holistic approach to personal development, you can quickly lose track. The market for self-development has exploded and among all the ice baths, firewalking, NLP and systemic work, it is not easy to separate the wheat from the chaff.

Besides, not everything is suitable for your intentions!
If you are in need of a no-nonsense holistic approach focusing on the connection of body and mind [look again here] then Elementary work might be for you.

Get yourself on a new track in a few sessions, or integrate the desired qualities deeply into your system through a longer trajectory

Booster track
(3 sessions)

Get a better grip on your own energy management.

VIP track
(3 months)

A thorough pathway for deep connection with your inner fitness.

E-learning programme
(9 weeks)

Learn the core principles and techniques to get yourself into optimal inner fitness.
(Programme in production. Sign up immediately for pre-order benefits!)

Elementary work could do something for you if you…

  • Are tired, listless or overstimulated
  • Are tired of your own reactivity
  • Can’t distance yourself from your work
  • Feel trapped in your head
  • Are being lived too much by your emotions
  • Are lacking focus, patience, energy or joy
  • Are lacking creativity or relevance
  • Have difficulty guarding boundaries
  • Want to work on your posture physically or mentally
  • Have lost connection with your feelings, the meaning of your work or with life

Don’t hesitate to get in touch. I would be happy to discuss any wishes you may have for individual training.

Simple exercise to loosen the shoulders. Helps you sink deeper into your breath and body.

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