Vitality, Function and Vision

(Live) In this course, we look at the connection between Vitality – Function – Vision and how this relates to the trinity people – organisation – society. This training offers participants in-depth insight into their own modus operandi and teaches them to navigate optimally within the turbulence of work and life. This training is richly supported by theory and illustrated with film footage.

Key learning objectives:

  • Empirical understanding of the relationship of three levels of intelligence and their importance for professional use.
  • Learning to think, feel and act with consideration for the interests of self, cause and world.
  • Cultivate a resilient mindset to face challenges and achieve peak performance.

Structure of training:

Day 1: VitalityThe importance of the participant
Day 2: FunctionThe importance of the business
Day 3: VisionThe importance of the market

Structure of the programme
Format: Live training
Duration: 5 Days
Supplementary: Participants will have access to video support and reference work from the training
Participation: Registration by team or on the recommendation of the board. Limited to 30 people per cohort
Investment: Contact us for details