“I-in-now – the invisible origin of your real presence and power”
– O. Scharmer

MENG Elementary work addresses mind and body in order to activate thorough advance in morale, for teams and organisations. Combining insights in leadership, psychology and health with techniques of medicine and martial arts.

Simple movements help participants to investigate and optimize their postures and attitudes. Mental practices sharpen their perception, offer clarity of vision and freedom of perspective. Sparring exercises teach how to stay centered, assertive and sensitive in connection with others, even under pressure. The training is lavishly embedded in theory, illustrating the connection and dynamics of society, physiology, nature and culture.

Personal leadership based on the Taiji principles is at the heart of MENG Elementary work. The training will be precisely tuned to the specific requirements of the organisation, the team and its current issues at hand.

These insights and techniques can easily be practiced in any office or on the digital floor. They can be applied in lost moments, waiting for the elevator or when stepping into the boardroom. At home they offer a beneficial alternative to e.g. coffee, aspirines or sleeping drugs. The training is done standing or seated on chairs and no special agility or muscle power is required. No special clothing or mat are needed.
Trainings can be offered on location, in company or through video conferencing.

Please do feel invited to contact us for inquiry.

Benefits of Elementair werk

  • Stable energy and stamina
  • Courage and vigor
  • Intuitive and clear communication
  • Clarity of vision and discernment
  • Suppleness and stability
  • Creativity
  • Knowledge of self