Tao Training

MENG Training addresses mind ánd body in order to activate thorough advance in morale, both for individuals and teams. We use modern insights in health, psychology and leadership combined with techniques of medicine and martial arts.

Participants gain insight into the obstacles to their performance. Active mental practices sharpen our perception and offer clarity of vision. Simple movements help us to relax and to optimize our posture. Sparring exercises teach us how to stay undisturbed and in sensible contact with others, even under pressure. The training is lavishly backed by theory, illustrating the relation between health, physiology and culture.

These techniques can easily be practiced in any office or on the digital floor. They can be applied in lost moments, waiting for the elevator or when stepping into the boardroom. At home they offer a beneficial alternative to e.g. coffee, aspirines or sleeping drugs. The training is done standing or seated on chairs and no special agility or muscle power is required. Special clothing or a mat are also not needed, though we do ask to take off high heels for the practice.

This day (Octobre 2020) the Dutch governement still allows for live meetings of this sort on locations, for up to 29 participants. But surely video conferences are also optional.
Please do inform about our possibilites.

Benefits of Tao training

  • Focus - improve mental clarity and perception
  • Energy - the power to achieve your goals
  • Alertness - assess situations and react in accordance
  • Connection - with your health, passion and inspiration, and also with your coworkers
  • Knowledge of self - learn to recognize stress, manage it and lessen it. Get to know what nourishes you!
  • Performance - getting invigorated, self confident and present