What on earth were you thinking?

The shape of your mind. Most people won’t ever consider the random collection of assumptions, beliefs, preferences, principles and habits – endless habits – as a kind of structure. A structure that is actually infinitely less flexible than we assume. A structure that determines the vast majority of every process and outcome of every small and large thing we ever attempt.

The shape of your mind is the meticulously crafted sum of everything you have ever learned and experienced, and it has no interest in changing its ways any time soon.

That is why you can read all the books in the world, take all the courses and training that are available, follow all the trends and fads that promise to make you better at what you do… The carefully crafted foundations of your mind will determine whether or not any of this will bear fruit.

If it is change that you seek, if it is development that you desire, it is your mind that needs to be worked on in depth. You must undo ages of learning, release an ocean of smartness. You must let go of a tower of pride and learn to let reality breathe through you. Learn to be still and learn to listen.

Surely now you have countless things to attend to that seem far more important. There is no need to retreat to the mountains. Feed the children, pay the rent. And learn to sit back and know that your mind is already made.
Then be still. Then listen.
Bear witness to the best of reality unfolding.
What were you even thinking?


You can learn to step out of your hasty, knee-jerk reactions.
Contact me if you would like to loosen the grip your mind has on you so that you can learn to operate with more clarity, creativity and integrity.