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(Online) Professional Development Program: Optimizing Mental and Physical Performance

Embark on an four-months journey designed to enhance your professional performance through a holistic approach to mental and physical well-being. Gain invaluable insights into the significance of achieving balance in both aspects and learn practical techniques to seamlessly integrate these principles into your daily routine.

Key Learning Objectives:
Understand the importance of mental and physical equilibrium in professional success.
Acquire a comprehensive routine aimed at fostering balance and efficiency.
Cultivate a resilient mindset to navigate challenges and maintain peak performance.

• Gain clarity and practical skills to manage your optimal state of being.
• Engage in introspective practices to enhance mental and physical fitness.
• Increase personal efficiency and effectiveness in professional endeavors.

Program Structure

Format: Online Training
Duration: 8 Live Sessions (1 hour each), to be scheduled over 16 weeks
Session 2 and 7 will offer semi-individualized attention, addressing specific development issues of 2-3 participants
Access: Participants will have access to recorded sessions for six months for ongoing reference. Participants will get a reference book of the training
Participation: Registration by nomination of the board. Limited to 10-20 individuals per cohort
Investment: €960 excl. VAT per participant

Join us in this transformative journey towards achieving your full potential in the workplace.