Soft skills or hardcore conditions?

The idea that we can improve our personality for the betterment of our performance resonates in the business world today. A quick glance at the offerings of any training agency reveals a rich variety of soft skills training programs. Embodied Leadership is one of the subject areas that has quickly gained prominence there.

The interesting thing about a physical approach to leadership is that skills – abilities one can master – are actually of little importance in it. Strength, flexibility, motor skills: all of secondary importance. What matters are the qualities of leadership that you can cultivate through a physical awareness development process.

It is good to realise that ‘embodied leadership’ is actually a curious term. After all, it still suggests a separation between body and mind. However, that dual way of thinking is highly outdated, although ignorance regarding the complex connection of ‘soma’ and ‘psyche’ is widespread.

Embodied leadership is really a pleonasm, so called because the physical dimension has been so disregarded. Certainly leadership needs to have feet on the ground, backbone and ‘balls’.
But the training of leadership requires extraordinary mindful attention in order to clearly perceive and direct those substantial aspects and cultivate the congruence of body and mind.

Rather than talking about embodied leadership, then, I talk about Elementary work.
Because although I work with the body prominently, ultimately it is not about the body itself. The qualities that make leadership possible come from the understanding, experience and root coherence of our body and mind. The congruence of our thinking and our doing. It is not about what or how we do something, but who does it!

That quality of who you are determines the driving force with which you work. And lead! It determines the passion and modesty you show. It is the depth and sharpness of your outlook. It is the calmness and dedication you show. All of your skills will carry those qualities with them!

That’s what makes the training inspiring and important. And – because that requires you to really, profoundly work on changing your self internally – that makes the training tough!

My personal training is unreservedly focused on developing the highest human qualities possible. An intense and time-consuming process (I feel like I have just only started) that obviously has no direct place in business in that form. However, it is the fruits of that training that I offer in the workplace through Elementary work.