Vitality, Function and Vision

In this course we explore interconnectedness of vitality – function – vision and how they relate to the triad men – organisation – humanity. This training offers a deepening understanding of ones individual modus operandi and teaches them to navigate better amidst the turbulence of work and personal life. This training is richly substantiated with […]

Work in progress

In this eight weeks program you will develop a better psycho-somatic balance and you will get clear understanding of its importance for your work. You will learn several short and powerful routines that you may apply throughout your day in order to integrate the desired qualities. In week 2 and 7 you, your small peergroup […]

Fit for work

Regular practice offers better health and a brighter mind. Engaging in something as elementary as breathing and moving together increases social cohesion. Teams and organisations may thus benefit from an improving morale and a decline in absenteeism. In consultation we offer, for example, a weekly 3/4 hours training. Online // Regular 30 minutes to 1 […]