“The best strategy relies upon an unlimited set of responses.” – Morihei Ueshiba

Commonly coined as the ‘physical dimension of leadership’, Elementary work involves the whole person in training.

Over the past few years, Mattijs has worked with several trainers and agencies in establishing leadership trajectories. These alliances range from a simple thematic connection to creative collaboration in the creation of the intended trajectory.

In all cases, Elementary work touches on a unique and mostly unexplored dimension of use-of-self; the condition underlying human functioning.

I look forward to seeing how we can achieve more than the sum of our parts!

For your programme, are you looking for:

Warm-up of body and mind

A kickstart or energiser to optimise the working environment? Get your head out of the cloud and your feet firmly on the ground. Together back in the here-and-now, we establish a favourable flow and connect with a clear intention.

Substantive contribution

Deepen your programme with a substantial addition of the principles of embodied leadership. Elementary work accurately aligns with the themes and goals you have in mind for this team or organisation.

Inspiring collaboration

Together, we create an effective programme for this team or organisation. Both our expertise leads to more than the sum of our parts!

I would be happy to discuss whether a collaboration with Elementary work could be a win for both of us!

Email or app me directly to make an appointment! (As I am in Indonesia much of the time now, I like to make a video appointment. Cold calling is not always suitable).

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