Kick-off / Pitstop / Pilot

A short kickstart or energiser to optimise the working climate. We pull our heads from the cloud and put our feet firmly on the ground. Together we retreat to the here-and-now, establish a beneficial flow and connect ourselves to a clear intention. Are you interested but would you first like to experience what MENG Elementary […]

Vitality – Function – Vision

Our heads and hearts are where they should be. But do our head, heart and even our bodies move in the same direction? Optimal alignment of thinking, feeling and doing means that we are congruent and that our inner compass is getting clearer. This then offers confidence and direction. In this workshop you will get […]

Passion in hand

While some hardly ever get passionate, there are those whose enthusiasm burns them out. How does passion work and what are its pitfalls? In this workshop we learn about the five primary motivations that, in line with the cycles of nature, constitute the base of human activity. Takeaway: In this workshop you will learn to […]

Stress- and sensory overload

When the balance between inside and out is disturbed, stress arises. Which generally leads to insecurity and thus to more distress. By anchoring your attention inside your body, you can build a firm foundation of trust and ease. You gradually develop an ‘eye in the middle of the storm’. Takeaway: In this workshop you will […]

Taking a stand

From rising in the morning to standing for your position or creed. Turmoil, restraint, obedience, tension or pride… the DNA of your being is really in your stance. And long before non-verbal communication with others is in play, a dialogue with one self is required. Without fleeing into psychological stories you can evaluate yourself by […]

Facing unease (Vitality)

Your professional practice is inextricably connected to the way you fit in your skin; how you are feeling inside your body. In this workshop we focus on some of the notorious places of tension and pain that people often tend to suffer from. Super easy practices that bring relaxation, flow and eventually relief. More at […]

Embracing change

The only constant in life is change. And the way we experience and deal with change depends entirely on our inner condition. The level of tension, motivation, indifference or anger we take to any given situation determines the outcome of that situation! In this workshop you learn how to act spry and efficiently – whilst […]